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Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning

Customizable spray tan to give you that perfect glow with out damaging your skin. Using NUDA sunless spray tan solutions which are cruetly free, vegan, parban free and much more.



5 Tans


3 Tans



Wedding Party Gets Spray Tan, Bride is Free.

Wedding Packages

Min 3 People, Contact For Travel Fee

  • NUDA sunless tanning products are formulated to offer a natural-looking bronzed complexion.

    Try to Avoid using bar soap, body gels and lotion before your appointment. Left over residue from these products can cause unbalanced pH in the skin, which can result in an orange complexion.

  • The regular solutions take 8 to 12 hours to develop before rinsing off.

    The rapid solutions can be rinsed after 1 to 5 hours depending on the intensity desired. Shower 1 to 2 hours after the application to achieve a light tan, 3 to 4 hours to achieve a medium tan, 4 to 5 hours after to achieve a dark tan. The colour will fully develop 24 hours after showering.
    You will be advised when to shower at your appointment.

  • On average, spray tans result last up to 10 days. However, the longevity depends on several factors, which include lifestyle habits, daily activities, and skin type and aftercare products used. Sweating excessively while sleeping or spending time in jacuzzis or saunas, taking long baths or showers on a daily basis, participating in activities that may cause excessive sweating (ex: spinning), exfoliation, hair removal, or even a lack of skin hydration may cause the product to fade away faster.

  • Exfoliation and moisturizing! These are the secrets for a perfect long-lasting sunless tan. You will receive pre-care instructions at the time your appointment is booked.

    The exfoliation of the skin is the most important step prior to a spray tan session. An adequate exfoliation will allow the elimination of all dead skin cells. The fresher the skin cells, the longer the result will last.

  • DHA (dihydroxyacetone) acts only on the top layer of the skin. NUDA’s formulas are non-toxic and there is no evidence that demonstrates the harmfulness of DHA. However, each pregnancy is different, and recommend consulting your doctor if you have any questions prior to use.

  • NUDA sunless tanning products do not contain any UV-protective agents. Our solutions do not protect skin from being sunburned and your skin can still tan. Always apply sunscreen when in the sun.

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